Management of land transportation

The management platform for the whole logistics chain of land transportation (trucks)

Working with our cloud-based transportation management system, will force you to reconsider why you haven’t started working like this before. 

Cargo stream gives you complete control over your transportation sourcing and management challenges and facilitates collaboration between your colleagues like never before. 

Track deliveries, react quickly and eliminate manual communications effortlessly: Through real-time status messages and real-time tracking.

Self-service portal for clients

Easy of use self-service portal for your customers, improving your client’s satisfaction and loyalty with seamless order form available any time. No more e-mails or calls just to get an order. Our self-service portal can be easily integrated into your website.

Programming own self-service portal might be expensive and inefficient without a proper order management system. Luckily, we offer one tool for all transport management processes.

All you need to do after receiving an order is to assign it to a driver/truck or forward it. That’s what we call efficiency in the Cargo stream.

One communication channel

In Cargo stream we strive to make everything digital. We know how tired you are of using different legacy software, which was never intended to be used for logistics, especially communication. 

Our system assures that most of communication will be made automatically for you, with our notifications and alerts. However, in case of manual communication – access our convenient messenger. No more disruptions, now you can use one tool for conversations with your colleagues, customers and partners – all in one place. Each message is automatically attached to the order number, there is no need to search thousands of e-mails just to understand what is going on. This is logistics future.

Order & forwarding management

Cargo stream enables you to forward orders independently if your company has its trucks or not. Only two clicks away you can assign task to a driver or forward order to another carrier. Nonetheless, all parties automatically receive all new statuses and can manage and track their order in real-time, via system.

Driver application

Having trouble explaining your driver each assignment or route? With the Cargo stream application, your driver will be informed with upcoming tasks, what to expect next, and other convenient support features. 

All newest changes between management and client will be reflected via real-time notifications on drivers’ smartphones. 

All members of the logistic chain are informed about the unexpected situation via application chat, which is related to the exact order.

Real-time notifications

There is no need to bother about calls or search e-mails anymore, our system will instantly provide all necessary information of what happened by pop-up notifications on your browser or on-the-go by a mobile application. 

Avoid unplanned problems and react more quickly finding solutions to the obstacles. All notifications are connected to a certain order, making it easy to find. No more worries about late news. 


Nowadays, eCMR is becoming a new standard in most European countries, as being a more convenient and secure way to deliver paperless documents. Nonetheless, by adopting eCMR you choose lower breakdown costs, easier administration, and simplified transportation.

By working with many transports and logistics companies, Cargo stream developed unique – dynamic eCMR, as demanded in the market. Each change, added documents, or additional information is instantly reflected on eCMR. 

Our system currently supports 6 languages, making eCMR even more convenient to download as a signed digital pdf.  Nonetheless, by the time goods are delivered, QR code is being scanned – automatically sending eCMR to the company’s administration – no more waiting times.

Telematics & integrations

Worried about how to integrate existing business tools that you use daily?  No problem. Our system is flexible, we can integrate your current ERP, TMS system with our platform, seamlessly managing all loads in one place, within our system.

Integrate carrier’s telematics into our system, no more calls are e-mails just to track order status. On top of that, Cargo stream can integrate SAP and Oracle management software’s with ease.

Moreover, if you are looking for custom solutions, our experts will be more than happy to advice and sort all kind problems you might have.

Instantly start using our system even with your partners

Assign transportation, easily manage and communicate.