Collaboration in Overland Logistics

The shared workspace for day to day logistics management and communication with your colleagues and logistics partners.

Replace your traditional tools for daily logistics management and communication by one easy to use, cloud based system. It will make you want to work like this permanently.

Cargo stream gives you full control over your transportation sourcing, daily management challenges and quality of your work, and is also a pleasure to work with.

Book, amend and track your deliveries in a matter of a few clicks, communicate in real-time, and let the system inform anyone involved on what’s going on in the logistics chain from sender to recipient. With Cargo stream, you make collaboration with your colleagues and logistics partners, a piece of cake.

Order management

old way

new way

  • Add all your logistics partners to the system and seamlessly order transportation and collaborate with them in one single platform.
  • Replace your traditional management and communication processes with one system for all of them.
  • Everyone involved knows what’s going on thanks to easy order-management and real time contextual communication in Cargo stream. All in a matter of a few clicks; it’s that simple.

One communication channel

Traditional communication tools are not specifically designed for logistics management, making them suboptimal and time-consuming.

Cargo stream, streamlines your communication by automating most of it within the system. Customizable notifications, alerts, in-order-messsages are specifically designed for your day to day work. No more distractions, answering dozens of emails, or searching back for past emails. Cargo stream provides everything in one place. Clean, fast and fun.

Timeslots management

Manage your yard from a birds-eye view and optimise the daily planning for all ramps in your warehouse.

With Cargo stream’s timeslot functionality you have a full week’s calendar at your disposal to plan, book and amend all incoming and outgoing transportation. With easy drag and drop you shuffle your planning around when unexpected changes happen, and everyone gets notified instantly.

Reduce errors, downtime and unsatisfied drivers waiting in your yard to a minimum with time slot management, all in one and the same system.
Clean, fast and fun.

Real-time notifications

Get notified with personal custom notifications that provide all necessary information in one single pop-up in your browser, or on your mobile phone.

Predict possible problems and react faster when obstacles do arise. Notifications clearly show all the necessary details to instantly understand the context. No need to search back for past emails or paper notes.

Reports & analytics

Tired of evaluating monthly performance?

Stay on top of things with easy-export reports based on filters you choose.

Whether it’s warehouse, transport, purchases, transport analysis, CO2 emission, kilometers driven, all relevant KPIs and statistics are automatically collected and securely stored in Amazon cloud.

Comparing individual transport partners for future negotiations? You have it all in Cargo streams reports & Analytics.


Adapt to a more convenient and secure alternative to traditional paper documents. The eCMR is quickly becoming the new standard in Europe

Adopting eCMR allows you to Share a dynamically updated electronic CMR document with your partners instantly after loading / offloading cargo. Each change in the order is reflected instantly on the eCMR, even through the mobile app.

Upon arrival of the truck, the QR code is scanned, and the final eCRM automatically sent to administration. Prepare invoices right away without having to wait on signed paper documents.

You’ll be able to use the eCMR in 6 different languages and we’re adding more languages regularly. No more waiting times.


Whether it is SAP, Oracle or any other system you already use, Integrations with us are flexible. Connect to your existing ERP or TMS systems and seamlessly manage all your transportation orders within the Cargo stream.

Easily integrate your carrier telematics into Cargo stream to track and trace your shipments without a single phone call or email.

Whatever your needs are, our team of experts is ready to advise on the best way to integrate and solve your challenges.

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Book transportation, easily manage and communicate.