All processes in one place

Benefits for all users in a single workspace

Up to 30% return on annual logistics budget

By replacing traditional tools with an easy-to-use cloud-based system, you will speed up order placement and management processes and dramatically reduce the number of mistakes, bottlenecks, and manual work.

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60% reduction in time spent on placing orders and looking for carriers

Easily transform into a digital freight forwarder by using our platform to reach a large database of carriers, place orders, and track orders. Communicate with clients and partners in a single online workspace.

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In-app communication and more responsive clients

Automating real-time communication with clients allows carriers to become more competitive by avoiding mistakes and speeding up order fulfilment processes. Get the benefits of staying in touch with shippers and freight forwarders in a single online workspace.

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Improved triangulation and up to 75% fewer emails

Automate and standardise return of containers, decrease dwell time and control CO2 emissions with a single, fully-transparent solution. Our users report increases in revenue and reduced workload.

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Less CO2, more transparency

Access advanced sustainability reports in a shared workplace for logistics management

  • Accurate CO2 emissions data
  • Automated reports
  • Analysis of real-time and historical data

World's first mobile app for logistics management

Download our app, communicate instantly and forget endless emails

Whole supply chain in one platform

Easy-to-use and exceptionally flexible logistics management tool at your disposal

Place and manage orders, communicate in real-time and experience the benefits of a shared logistics platform.

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