You can manage whole logistics chain in one place

Cargo sender books transportation from their partners. Logistics companies can easily manage transportation.

Make your logistics efficient

Management of land transportation


Efficiency in order


Better planning
Service quality


Stability and



Digitalization of logistics processes and their documention. One communication channel for all participants.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor your transport with integrated telematics. Send messages, get reports with notifications.

Seamless self-service

Improving for logistic companies client’s satisfaction with seamless workflow through self-service portal.

For cargo senders

Work with all your carriers and forwarders in
one place. Seamlessly order transportation,
track deliveries and react quickly. Eliminate
manual communications with real-time
status notifications and messages.

For carriers

Get accurate orders. Now only two clicks away you
can assign task to a driver or forward order to
another carrier. All parties will be informed about
upcoming tasks or what to expect next.
No more phone calls, e-mail sending
or useless paperwork.

APP for warehouse and drivers

Dynamic expected time of arrival for warehouse managers, real-time location of upcoming trucks. Plan and control your team work flow.

Drivers always know what to expect, feel support and help from management in an unplanned situation, as a result it reduces unwanted situations and expenses.

  You feel the pulse of situation even while drinking coffee

Business managers have full view of the system in the palm of their hand. Our app enables to send order management between cargo owner and logistic company.

Chats connected to exact orders

After new message, users can see exact order and discuss its details. To make it even more convenient edit order details after a discussion. All parties will see changes in real-time.


Our dynamic system instantly prepares CMR document after onloading / offloading  cargo. It is beneficial to have quickly prepared invoice and e-CMR in order to have flawless transactions.

Self-service portal for logistic companies

There is no need to develop own self-service portal, Cargo stream already made it for you. Just simply add our button in your website and start getting proper orders from your existing and new clients. We can assure, your clients will appreciate it.

Additional features

Amazon AWS & Security

Most popular telematics

Custom solutions