The Shared Workspace for Overland Logistics

  • Collaborate with your colleagues and partners in one system.
  • Book, amend and track shipments in a matter of clicks.
  • Know what’s going on with relevant notifications.

One Platform - One Source of Truth


More efficient order


More time for


Stability and



Digitalization of logistics processes and their documentation. One communication channel for all participants.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor your transport with integrated telematics. Send messages, get reports and notifications.

Seamless self-service

Increase customer loyalty by offering a seamless workflow through your own self-service portal.

For cargo senders

Collaborate with all your carriers and forwarders in
one place. Seamless order management with time-slots.
Track deliveries and react quickly. Communicate in
one place with real-time status notifications and
in-order messages.

For carriers

Get accurate orders directly into your self-service portal.
Forward tasks to drivers and other carriers in a matter
of a few clicks. Stay up to date and communicate
in one system.

Mobile App for Warehouse staff and Truck Drivers

See the expected time of arrival to your warehouse for all upcoming trucks in full-detail and real time. Plan and control your team’s work-flow, fast and free of errors.

Support your drivers from within the mobile app with all their necessary work details via real-time notifications and in-order messages.

  Manage your logistics, including booking, amending and tracking your orders from anywhere with your mobile phone, even while drinking coffee.

Communication gets context with in-order messages

Receive in-order messages to know what’s going on. Amend or confirm orders in 2 clicks right from your messages.


Share a dynamically updated eCMR with your partners instantly after loading / offloading cargo. Allow partners to prepare invoices right away without having to wait on signed paper documents. 

Dedicated Self-Service portal for Logistics

Give your customers an easy life with your own professional self-service portal. Simply add a Cargo stream button to your existing website and instantly receive proper orders from your clients. Professional and builds customer-loyalty.

Additional features

Amazon AWS & Security

Most popular telematics

Custom solutions