Why do ocean carriers choose us?

Real-time notifications Quick reporting No emails Integrated tracking Full transparency Fewer bottlenecks Instant communication

More speed and transparency


Inefficient returning containers management hurts the global supply chain and your business

With all supply chain participants on one platform, each automated notification saves time spent on emails and calls.

Increased dwelling time of containers on land

Inability to identify the current situation and increased pollution.

High workload due to customer requests by email and calls

Higher operational costs and lower staff efficiency.

Inefficient container reuse processes

Reduced revenue and increased CO2 emissions.

Lack of real emission data

Inability to identify the current situation and increased pollution.

Lack of container visibility

Increases in the workload and the number of customer queries.


Avoid the costs with one of the most elaborate solutions in the market

The Cargo stream is an automated and modern system trusted by global shipping lines and overland logistics providers.

Fully automated container reuse

Optimised equipment usage

Up to 75% fewer emails

Self-service visibility to customers

Control of saved CO2 emissions per box

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