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Real-time notifications Quick reporting No emails Integrated tracking Full transparency Fewer bottlenecks Instant communication

Financial gains reaching up to 30% yearly transportation budget

Expand your network of carriers and freight forwarders and increase the efficiency of your warehouse. With all supply chain participants on one platform, each automated notification saves time spent on emails and calls.

Single communication channel

Our communication tool, designed specifically for logistics management, automates the processes with customizable notifications, alerts, and in-order messages. Replace emails, calls, and sheets with a single tool.

Timeslots management

With our timeslot functionality, access a full week’s calendar to plan, book and amend all incoming and outgoing transportation. Make changes with easy drag and drop, and reduce errors and downtime with automated real-time notifications.

Real-time notifications

Personal and custom notifications provide all necessary information in one single pop-up in your browser or on your mobile phone. This functionality allows you to react faster and avoid searching past emails or notes.

Reports and analytics

Stay on top of your business with easy-to-export reports based on filters of your choice. All relevant KPIs, including warehouse, transport, purchases, transport analysis, CO2 emissions, and mileage, are automatically collected and stored in the Amazon cloud.


Adopt eCMR and share dynamically updated electronic CMR documents with your partners right after loading or offloading cargo. Each change in the order is reflected instantly, and invoices can be prepared without waiting on signed paper documents.


Our platform is flexible and open for integrations with SAP, Oracle, telematics, ERP, TMS, or any other system you already use. Cargo stream’s team is ready to advise you on the best way to integrate to maximise the benefits of our shared workspace.

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