Why do clients choose our time slot management?

Full transparency Dynamic system More load capacity No bottlenecks Mobile app Automated No emails & calls Real-time updates

Our solution to long wait times & bottlenecks

Access times slot embedded in the supply chain management system and observe how better warehouse management speeds up the processes, helping all participants save costs and improve efficiency. Track occupancy, schedule deliveries, and skip phone calls.

Less downtime means more revenue

Automatised time slot management has what it takes to reduce waiting and truck downtime duration while helping the warehouse operate more efficiently and at ease. With Cargo stream‘s time slot management, suppliers know what to expect, warehouse staff can better control the workload, and carriers can avoid queues and driver penalties.

Fully visible processes for continuous improvement

Spotting bottlenecks before they happen helps to keep the customers satisfied. Even more importantly, transparency of entire logistics processes enables all participants of the supply chain to make amends and optimize the process with each new order.

A simple dashboard for great results

Just like other modules of Cargo stream, our time slot management is user-friendly and easy to navigate for all staff members. We guarantee quick onboarding and wide functionality because we created our system with the help and know-how of shippers, freight forwarders, and carriers.

It’s simple!

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