About Cargo stream

The Shared Workspace for Overland Logistics

Why we exist

We believe that Logistics can only become sustainable and future-proof when the most fundamental day-to-day logistics processes are optimized.

Together with all stakeholders in the worldwide supply chain we must lay first that modernized digital foundation, before advanced technology can become widely adopted.

We believe that collaboration platforms are the key to that foundation, and we’re on a mission to let 1.000.000 people collaborate in a modern digitized way. 

Imagine what we would achieve together when 1.000.000 people in world-wide logistics get more done in a sustainable way. 

We would not only use available truck space more efficiently, we would also reduce the emissions footprint of logistics. 

Together we have an opportunity here to make logistics efficient, modern and contribute towards a better environment on earth.

About the company

In the past 3 years, together with our passionate team we deeply analyzed the tiniest logistics management and communication processes that real people in real companies deal with daily.

The result is a robust easy to use end to end collaboration platform, modernizing daily logistics management and making logistics sustainable towards the future. 

We don’t eliminate anyone from the logistics value chain, we include everyone, in one collaborative platform.

The trend in logitech (logistics technologies)

The practice of using marketplaces for booking the land transportations (trucks) is failing. The new trend of digital forwarding and similar types of marketplaces are a bad practice with following different issues. For example, the carriers are switching between cargo senders and recipients which leads to higher risk chance, uncertainty, additional communication, pricing leaping, etc. Hence, these digital forwarders and marketplaces are trying to cut out forwarders which are playing an important role in the logistic chain. On the other hand, Cargo stream enables seamless logistic management between all logistic chain associates without interrupting partnership. 

About our team

Behind every successful company stands a strong team of visionaries, executors and passionate people. Passion for logistics is found deep in our DNA. Not just that, or team has a proven track record in

  • Logistics
  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Development
  • International Business
  • Investing
  • Organizational Development
  • Corporate Structures
  • Finance & Accounting

This ambivalent team approach allows us to serve and understand companies all the way from SMEs to large corporates, and next to helping you with our SaaS platform, we’re more than happy to consult you on other business aspects whenever you’re stuck on something, free of charge.

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