About Cargo stream

The management platform for the whole logistics chain of land transportation (trucks)

What do we express via motto? A lot of technology companies are trying to get growth and attention by disrupting the sector or some business processes. We are taking a different approach by making logistics more efficient in various ways. Cargo stream does not cut out anyone from logistic chain vice versa making stronger loyalty and collaboration between participants.

About the company

We have started the company with an international approach from the beginning. Cargo stream – Logistic management system for the entire logistic chain in real-time of land transportation. Business model – SaaS (software as a service). Also, our system provides capability as Self-service portal for logistic companies (forwarders/carriers).

The trend in logitech (logistics technologies)

The practice of using marketplaces for booking the land transportations (trucks) is failing. The new trend of digital forwarding and similar types of marketplaces are a bad practice with following different issues. For example, the carriers are switching between cargo senders and recipients which leads to higher risk chance, uncertainty, additional communication, pricing leaping, etc. Hence, these digital forwarders and marketplaces are trying to cut out forwarders which are playing an important role in the logistic chain. On the other hand, Cargo stream enables seamless logistic management between all logistic chain associates without interrupting partnership. 

About us

Behind every successful software company stands the team of visionary minds. We don’t brag but facts speak for themself. To be successful in the B2B field, the company must be complexed. Certainly, we are because our experience combines: business management –> startups –> corporate –> international –> IPO. Also, we have experts in different fields: IT, logistics, business management and development, marketing, design, support and such. It brings different added value to our clients of different size and sectors. We provide advanced support and recommendation on how to drive their business forward. 

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