About us

Creating a more efficient future for the logistics sector

Cargo stream is a shared workspace for supply chain management, with tools that make life easier for shippers, transportation companies, ocean carriers, and freight forwarders.

Why we exist


We believe that Logistics can only become sustainable and future-proof when the most fundamental day-to-day logistics processes are optimized.

Digital foundation

Together with all stakeholders in the worldwide supply chain we must lay first that modernized digital foundation, before advanced technology can become widely adopted.


We believe that collaboration platforms are the key to that foundation, and we’re on a mission to let 1.000.000 people collaborate in a modern digitized way.

Get more done

Imagine what we would achieve together when 1.000.000 people in world-wide logistics get more done in a sustainable way.


We would not only use available truck space more efficiently, we would also reduce the emissions footprint of logistics.


Together we have an opportunity here to make logistics efficient, modern and contribute towards a better environment on earth.

About the company

Cargo stream unites logistics, IT, customer excellence and other experts who believe digital tools must be created by analysing real-life situations and problems. By adopting this approach, the team has created an easy-to-use tool which helps shippers, transportation companies, carriers, and freight forwarders improve their KPIs and increase competitiveness by optimising communication and process management.

In 2021, Cargo stream launched the world’s first mobile app for logistics management. The company continues to develop modern and AI-based solutions that guarantee transparency, data safety, and excellent performance.

Our team

At our core is a team of visionaries, executors and passionate logistics experts. We have been able to create a platform that connects the whole logistics chain into one by using a wide array of competencies in our track record:

Logistics Startups Entrepreneurship Digital Development International Business Investing Organizational Development Corporate Structures Finance & Accounting

Let's cooperate!

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our platform. If you have any questions on your digitalisation journey, our team will consult you free of charge.

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