Why shippers choose Cargo Stream?

No more Excel Faster tenders More carriers Fixed prices No mistakes instant communication

A better way to organise tenders

With the Cargo stream, your yearly or more frequent tenders are executed in two phases: preparation and tendering. Once you choose the carrier, you can sign the agreement, form orders, and communicate on the same platform.

Forget Excel spreadsheets

Via Cargo stream, carriers provide data in a standardised way, and our automated platform allows for real-time analysis and comparisons of the offers with no manual input.

Get more offers faster

Reach all carriers with a click of a button and receive their offers within hours. It is made possible by our default pricing sheetsfunctionality, which helps carriers create offers instantly.

The result

Fixed prices

Research shows that, on average, final prices increase by 17% compared to the tender offer prices. Save money with the Cargo stream’s fixed price guarantee.

Automated tenders

30% less time spent on tender management. No more weekly invoice tracking and matching. Cargo stream has it automated.

No human mistakes

Cargo stream’s platform helps avoid bottlenecks and unforeseen expenses by providing a transparent and automated workspace to your team.

All in one place

Instant order management and communication. No more back-and-forth emails and calls with the logistics provider to adjust the pricing. The carriers will also have their orders, agreements, and pricing conveniently in one place.

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