Cargo stream, a shared workplace for overland logistics management, announced an integration with Webfleet Solutions that is set to deliver advanced telematics and seamless logistics process management in one platform. By joining the Webfleet Solutions Dot Connect partnership programme, the company aims to increase the ease of sharing vehicle availability and location data among Cargo stream‘s customers.

According to the CEO at Cargo stream, Leon van der Laan, this integration will provide an unmatched value proposition to carriers actively looking for ways to digitalise as many of their operations as possible.

“Joining the Webfleet Dot Connect is both a huge improvement for our platform and a confirmation that we are providing a world-class SaaS to our clients. With our platform, where senders, carriers, and forwarders can take part in frictionless communication and accelerate their processes while also becoming more sustainable, we want to prove that the future of logistics is digital. Webfleet Solutions is an example that cutting edge solutions are accessible, and we are delighted that more companies will get the opportunity to experience the benefits”, says Mr. van der Laan

From now on, data from the WEBFLEET platform is integrated into the Cargo stream platform‘s interface and can be accessed in real-time. As a result, Cargo stream‘s users can see fleet performance reporting, trip data, GPS tracking and fuel consumption together with the existing features, such as transportation booking, self-service and chat and time-slots management, all in one place.

Cargo stream expects many companies to benefit from this partnership. Further plans to expand the scope are included in the yearly strategy.