We’re glad to announce that Cargo stream has formalized a partnership with US-based FinTech company Steamchain Corp, founded by Dan Biggs and Scott Brown (former Global Supply Chain Executive at Nike, Inc). Steamchain Corp’s disruptive FinTech solution simplifies international payments by saving B2B clients’ money on their currency conversion costs and currency fluctuation risk by innovating the way cross border payments are executed between large international commerce businesses. Through our partnership, Cargo Stream’s customers in Europe, the USA, the UAE, and Asia now benefit from these features within one system.

As our CEO Leon van der Laan put it, “having global payment processing partners will help us scale fast, and I’m happy to begin my journey at Cargo Stream with this collaboration. Steamchain Corp will ensure that our clients avoid currency fluctuation, conversion costs and are protected from fraud. Big thanks to Scott Brown and the team at Steamchain Corp – your impressive experience is an important quality guarantee to our clients and an immense boost for our expansion to the US market.”

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