Cargo stream is glad to be backed by some of the most skilled and well-known executives. One of them is Dalius Misiunas, who has supported us since the early days as an Angel Investor and continues to meaningfully impact our growth by advising us in the areas of business development and strategy. We know exactly what kind of positive influence Dalius can bring as we grow and manage the large company structure we are currently building.

Dalius has been a CEO and a Chairman of boards at some of the largest energy, manufacturing and retail companies in the Baltics. His track record includes issuing 600 million in corporate bonds (incl. Green), leading projects in M&A, strategy development, corporate governance, efficiency improvement, and other essential areas. He’s skilled in leading companies through digital transformation – which is our mission here at Cargo stream.

We thank Dalius for his confidence that Cargo stream is capable of transforming the logistics across Europe and beyond. Together, we started strong, and as we prepare for our next stage of growth, we‘re ready to take on even more challenges.

Stay tuned for Cargo stream updates!

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