Cargo Stream is announcing the launch of their cloud-based platform that enables freight forwarders to manage their logistics on a single digital platform.

Birmingham, England–(Newsfile Corp. – June 8, 2023) – Cargo Stream is announcing the launch of their unique cloud-based platform that enables freight forwarders and shippers to manage logistics on a single digital platform.

The platform has been designed to streamline the often fragmented process involved in the logistics sector. The platform automates logistics communications with notifications, alerts, and in-order messages. This replaces the confusion of sorting through emails, calls, and Excel sheets. The use of the platform enables shippers, forwarders, and carriers to seamlessly connect to one another. It can be used via desktop or mobile app. Freight forwarders can manage the logistics in-platform and shippers can manage their logistics in the same place.

When using the platform, logistics companies no longer have to deal with the hassle of having multiple windows open on a computer. They can place and manage orders all in one place. Cargo Stream is highly beneficial to forwarders in the logistics industry. The software connects the forwarders with the shippers, and all movement management, communication, and file sharing all happen in one shared workspace. Cargo stream helps traditional freight forwarders to become digital, bringing them into the modern age.

The digital platform will save logistics companies large amounts of money because of the connection it provides to all the lines of the process. Other digital platforms only connect certain departments to each other, which leads to platforms being created that are tailored specifically to those areas of logistics. The streamlined connection of all aspects of logistics to the platform will enable companies to increase their profits. This is due to operations becoming easier to manage which allows for more orders and products to be shipped and received.

Cargo Stream currently serves companies in the European market and they aim to serve more people in the United Kingdom and Poland. The cloud based software has been shown to reduce bottlenecks, mistakes, and manual labor, which all contribute to higher profits. Cargo Stream also provides detailed sustainability data in the form of CO2 emissions data, automated reports, and analysis of real-time and historical data. Access to this information allows all parties involved with the logistics company to begin improving sustainability efforts.

The Cargo Stream platform is setting a new standard that shows how the logistics industry can attain a higher level of productivity while increasing its profits. Higher productivity benefits not just the logistics companies but the general public as well. With the implementation of the platform, communities will receive vital goods and products that are necessary to thrive. This also bolsters economies where the platform is being utilized.

The article was published in Business insider. Full article here