Cargo stream, a digital platform serving global shipping lines in Poland and the Baltic countries, provides advanced automation and logistics management software to ocean carriers in the region to facilitate container repositioning and reuse requests.

In particular, Cargo stream, as a digital shared workspace for overland and maritime logistics management, enables automated matching, booking of containers, and digital amendment of orders.

The software also allows all parties of the supply chain, including shippers, freight forwarders, truckers, and shipping lines, to communicate easily via its digital channels.

In addition, the software can also contribute to reduced congestion and emissions.

“We work with our clients to look for ways to provide services and solutions in the most efficient and user-friendly way. We’re sure that once all users are onboard, all parties of the logistics process will see noticeable financial and sustainability benefits resulting from increased efficiency and a dramatic cut in unloaded container returns,” commented Sarunas Belickas, COO at Cargo stream.

Published by Container news.