An interview with SCM magazine – Supply Chain Movement. The headline is – A thousand digital freight forwarders.

A digital transformation has three phases.

1. A denial.

2. Recognition and asking questions.

3. Everybody trying to catch up.

I think Cargo stream is in the second phase where market leaders started to pay attention to what innovation we bring to the sector.

To sum up the interview, Cargo Stream stands out from other companies in the freight forwarding industry. Rather than being a digital freight forwarder itself, it provides traditional freight forwarders with a platform to streamline their operations. We describe it as a “shared workspace” for land transportation and maritime management. By analyzing the market extensively, the company has identified several outdated practices, such as using email, phone calls, and spreadsheets to manage the supply chain. The company’s aim is to show customers the benefits of digitization.

Freight forwarders can easily link their current carriers to the platform, allowing them to assign incoming orders to the appropriate carriers. Shippers can use the self-service option on a freight forwarder’s website to access the platform and place their transportation orders. The company’s goal is to create one thousand digital freight forwarders throughout Europe within the next one to two years.

The full article can be found here