When it comes down to it, the world of logistics is no longer a one-size-fits-all environment. In other words, the mindset of “one problem, one solution,” just isn’t applicable. Logistics continues to grow with the passing of every day, as the world becomes increasingly globalised, businesses will be required to embrace more complex logistics structures in order to get their products from point A to point B in a timely manner. With that in mind, Cargo Stream believes that there is room to shape the digital future of logistics in such a way, that you could have your entire logistics chain easily visible, readily available, and comprehensively monitored all in one place.

We believe that land transportation will play a major role in shaping the digital future of logistics – why? Because digital solutions make the largest impact in this category. In Europe, more than €300 billion goes into land transportation and logistics each and every year – a staggering €200 billion more than by sea, and €270 billion more than by air. And while air and sea transportation provide their own benefits – and present their own challenges – every method starts on land and begins with a truck. Digital solutions have the potential to make land transportation and logistics more comprehensive, more efficient, more streamlined, and more advanced than ever before.

Logistics companies often struggle in managing their supply chain and logistics chain for a number of reasons. Most notably, they struggle because they still use internal systems that do not maintain a connection with outside parties in their supply chain – like suppliers, distributors, senders, recipients, carriers, and even drivers. This means that they put themselves at a tremendous disadvantage compared to those that use an external system. The biggest catalysts for poor efficiency are a reliance on manually recorded documents and maintenance reports on paper, multiple communication channels that slow down interaction and a lack of real-time cargo monitoring.

The solution lies in an external system that can be seamlessly merged with an internal system to create more effective connectivity between logistics companies and the relevant outside parties within their supply chain.

Here at Cargo Stream, we offer a comprehensive logistics management system specifically designed to help logistics companies become tech-savvy within their respective industry. Our solution makes it easier for forwarders to monitor their logistics and streamline their communications all in a single, easy to use dashboard that provides complete and unimpeded visibility into their entire logistics chain. From there, it provides a comprehensive solution for all parties involved in the supply chain because it makes it easier for them to manage their operations and communicate with all major players.

Our solution incorporates a full suite of functions and features designed to pave the way for a more effective logistics process. With end to end logistics management, integrated telematics, a single communication channel, and real-time status updates with detailed insight into the inner workings of your logistics chain, you’ll have more control than ever before over your processes. It’s time to embrace modern, digital technology to make your logistics experience easier, less stressful, and more controllable. With Cargo Stream, you can reap the benefits of lower pricing for cargo shipments, decreased risk, and less uncertainty.


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