Cargo stream officially integrated with MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company Track & Trace system to provide our customers visibility overseas in addition to visibility overland (containers on trucks).

  • The value of such a digital solution for supply chain parties is clear. There is no need to ask, ‘where is my container?’ with our integration. Globally, it could save thousands of emails and phone calls every day.
  • Our team has a big vision: dramatically reduce dwell time & spend on transportation management tasks, increase sustainability and efficient intermodal management in one system.

Lack of visibility and communication in the old-way costs time, money and increases carbon footprint.

Our customers and #MSC clients manage their day-to-day transport planning, communicate and track their containers in real-time from Vessel to Truck and from Truck to Recipient, all in the Cargo stream platform. Even customs brokers are included in the process.

The integration is implemented according to Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) standards for the global container shipping industry.

🌊 We have already integrated other shipping lines, providing more and more value for the maritime industry.