Only top-tier solutions for Cargo stream clients. We‘re happy to partner with Stripe — one of the leading payment service providers. Stripe already works with the largest supply chain companies in the world, and we hope that by trusting them to facilitate payments on our platform, we will ensure a flawless experience for our clients. Because this is what matters most.

Stripe is a reliable payment partner for leaders collaborating with other leaders. By using Stripe, Cargo Stream clients can conveniently make payments through a user-friendly dashboard that accommodates payment methods that were previously unavailable, such as credit cards. Additionally, the platform adjusts to regional banking regulations and delivers customized point-of-sale experiences to international customers.

Cargo stream business model moves more and more towards a seamless SaaS experience: it creates a smooth and effortless experience for customers, allowing them to focus on their work and achieve their supply chain management goals more efficiently.

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