One of the largest e-commerce centres in the Baltics has moved its order logistics and supply management to Cargo stream. This move will help the company, which handles around 36,000 orders a year, to ensure that goods reach customers on time, even in the pre-Christmas period when shopping volumes are particularly high.

“We are constantly investing in smooth and fast delivery, which is one of the key reasons why customers choose to shop online. By moving our logistics and supply management to a digital platform, we are not only aiming to deliver goods to customers as quickly as possible. At the same time, we will manage the company’s internal processes more efficiently, improving the working environment for our employees,” said Robert Ziminski, COO at

Digital transformation—for customers

According to Mr Ziminski, the efficiency of the supply and delivery processes determines the satisfaction and trust of customers.

“We spend up to €10 million on logistics every year and are constantly looking for ways to use our investments in logistics as efficiently as possible while at the same time striving to ensure good prices and fast delivery of goods to customers. In our view, Cargo stream is an efficient solution to speed up the entire journey of goods,” said Mr Ziminski.

The Cargo stream platform is the only digital tool currently available on the market that enables taking care of the supply and logistics management processes in a comprehensive way: from organising tenders for transport services to creating orders, warehouse occupancy management, and automated reporting.

On this platform, all participants in the supply chain can automate most of the processes that require the most manual work. They can also communicate in real-time, avoiding the inefficient information sharing via emails or calls.

Getting ready for the Christmas rush

During the pre-Christmas boom, when people start looking for gifts, e-commerce volumes increase several times. “Preparing in advance is essential to ensure a smooth shopping process and timely delivery of orders to customers during peak times. We have no doubt that the new logistics management tool will ensure that we work more efficiently during the Christmas rush,” said Mr Ziminski.

He said that with the increase in order volumes, it is particularly important to avoid mistakes or unnecessary delays. “We hope that a system where we can track the status of shipments in real-time will help us have a stress-free Christmas. It is also very important for company managers to monitor automated reports that allow them to assess logistics costs, order deliveries, and warehouse efficiency in real-time. Cargo stream allows seamless work and communication with all logistics partners in one place,” said Mr Ziminski.

Improves cooperation

According to Šarūnas Belickas, COO at Cargo stream, the platform is designed to improve not just one part of logistics management but the whole process—at every stage. Cargo stream has thus become the only logistics system that helps all actors in the supply chain: shippers, forwarders, carriers, and warehouse staff.

“For companies like, working with Cargo stream enables them to combine the work of the commercial and supply departments and the logistics department into one system. Purchasing managers reconcile goods, create orders and can automatically pass them on to the transport department, which is responsible for transport and communication with logistics companies. Warehouse staff can use the platform to organise their work and availability, while the commercial department can monitor the process in real-time to ensure that it runs smoothly,” said Mr Belickas.

The digital transformation of logistics is not only about increasing efficiency or saving costs. It also has other positive side effects.

“Our team is motivated by sustainability, which the logistics sector will achieve through better communication and increased transparency. By automating processes and easing problem areas such as the use of return containers or downtime, our customers are working with us to reduce CO2 emissions. And it’s not just a promise. Our system has sustainability reporting functionality that clearly shows how and how much customers save,” commented Mr Belickas.